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Honest heroes make up an indigenous police force  •  Mexico  •  2012

33 images

by Pierre-Yves MARZIN

In Mexico, in the State of Guerrero, in the south of the country, the Policia de la Montaña has succeeded in bringing down the rate of crime, thefts, rapes and kidnapping. It has also significantly discouraged drug trafficking. The unofficial police force employs close to 800 policemen, spread over 77 communities, making up for the absence of federal police, very corrupt. The community police relies on a two-year “obligatory service” for all locals, unpaid. More than a simple police force, it’s an unusual justice system grouped into one body: the Regional Coordinator of Community Authorities, or CRAC for its Spanish acronym. The justice system is based on re-education rather than punishment.


Muhammad Ali's successors  •  Kinshasa  •  May 2012

27 images

by Vincent BOISOT

For the first time in history, female boxing was featured as an Olympic sport at the London 2012 Games. The Democratic Republic of Congo’s female boxers had some serious assets to put forward. They grew up in Kinshasa, a chaotic, violent city in which they had to learn to self-defence. With several African championship titles among their ranks and months of training behind them, they had every reason to believe in their chances. But the money to make the voyage to Algeria and the qualifying round arrived too late, putting paid to their dreams of Europe and Olympic glory.


A CAPITALIST ELDORADO IN NORTH KOREA  •  Kaesong, North Korea  •  March 2007

28 images

by Vincent NGUYEN

The Kaesong Industrial Complex (KIC) in North Korea. An improbable economic zone located 7 km from the DMZ. Here, the North Korean dictatorship is undertaking a capitalist experiment financed by South Korea.


Ultra Orthodox Israel

21 images

by Eduardo Castaldo

Ongoing reportage project about the Ultra-Orthodox Jews community of Israel


MADAGASCAR : WHEN THE AID DRIES UP  •  Madagascar  •  January 2014

1 images

by Rijasolo

What happens to an aid-dependent country when the tap suddenly runs dry? A documentary by Aaron Ross and Rijasolo in Madagascar for Pulitzer Center on Crisis Reporting.
Directed by Aaron Ross & Rijasolo / Riva Press
Photo/Video/Montage : Rijasolo / Riva Press



22 images

by Vincent CAPMAN

From Marseille to Paris and French market towns to urban suburbs. An overview of silent French Muslims tired of having to justify their beliefs.


KIEV, The Ukranian Crisis  •  Kiev  •  February 2014

40 images

by Eduardo Castaldo

Ukranian crisis is at his core. thousands and thousands of demonstrators are occupying Maidan Square, in the center of Kiev, to defy protest ban and to demand for the immediate resignation of their president, Yanukovich.
They refuse the agreeement on amnesty for them and their comrades arrested, they refuse Yanukovich's ultimatum to leave the square within 15 days.
An account from last week.


MIVERINA  •  Madagascar  •  2004-2009

1 images

by Rijasolo

Video selected by Burn Magazine website (Art Director : David Alan Harvey / Magnum Photos)
Miverina means to come back. These images speak of my return to the country of my roots, Madagascar, back over on the other side of the world...