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ZEBU WAR  •  Madagascar

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by Rijasolo

In the southern regions of Madagascar, the population are facing the threat of zebu thefts on a daily basis, acts perpetrated by young people called « dahalo » or « malaso ».


One day at the Ofpra (French Office for Protection of Refugees and Stateless Persons).  •  Fontenay-sous-Bois

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by Vincent NGUYEN

A day in the headquarter of the OFPRA, the french Office for Protection of Refugees and Stateless Persons. 220 eligibility officers worked on more than 64000 asylum requests in 2014. These officers conduct the investigations, the hearing of the asylum seekers and write the decision projects.



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by Vincent CAPMAN

From Marseille to Paris and French market towns to urban suburbs. An overview of silent French Muslims tired of having to justify their beliefs.


Rumble in the City  •  Kinshasa  •  June 2014

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by Vincent BOISOT

40 years after the "fight of the century", the Kinshasa ghetto still remembers the battle between Mohammad Ali and George Foreman on 30 October 1974. But although the "Rumble in the Jungle" is engraved in people’s memories, the boxers who continue to train in the legendary but dilapidated Tata Raphaël Stadium now have to combat general indifference to their sport. It will take more than that to discourage the opponents who come to train every evening after school or work in the hope of a better future.


Honest heroes make up an indigenous police force  •  Mexico  •  2012

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by Pierre-Yves MARZIN

In Mexico, in the State of Guerrero, in the south of the country, the Policia de la Montaña has succeeded in bringing down the rate of crime, thefts, rapes and kidnapping. It has also significantly discouraged drug trafficking. The unofficial police force employs close to 800 policemen, spread over 77 communities, making up for the absence of federal police, very corrupt. The community police relies on a two-year “obligatory service” for all locals, unpaid. More than a simple police force, it’s an unusual justice system grouped into one body: the Regional Coordinator of Community Authorities, or CRAC for its Spanish acronym. The justice system is based on re-education rather than punishment.



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by Rijasolo

Father Pedro's 25-year of action.

(From the book "Akamasoa, Rêves d'Enfants", Paris, Editions du Rocher, 2014)


1st Bamako Fashion Week  •  Mali  •  February 2015

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by Vincent BOISOT

In late February 2015, Bamako hosted its first ever fashion week, an impressive achievement in a war-scarred country. The joyful, family atmosphere championed creators from all over Mali, and many well-known West African labels came to take part and support the latest African fashion week.